Biltong is a traditional South African air-dried meat that contains no sugar. It’s softer and more tender than beef jerky because it’s air-dried at low temperatures for 7 days instead of rapidly dehydrated at high heats like jerky. We also use no sugary sauces or marinades – just a few simple ingredients like people have been doing it for centuries. 
Our meat is grass fed & finished and sourced from ranchers using traditional and natural farming methods. We then season long strips of select cuts of meat and hang them in custom-designed drying rooms to simulate the natural climatic conditions on cool, dry South African plateau regions. After 7 days of drying we slice and ship out our product to you, straight from our facility for maximum freshness.
Our version is unique to any biltong on the market as we don’t cut off that delicious & healthy fat. Humans can’t live on protein alone! We have the fattiest (and therefore most delicious) biltong on the market.
Like all things at Nose to Tail, we are quality-first and don’t take shortcuts. Every product we make is sourced from the highest quality purveyors. We also use no sugar, curing agents, nitrates, or any other artificial ingredients.
Biltong and droewors are perfect for people living a Sapien, Paleo, Keto, Carnivore, or Whole30 lifestyle. It makes eating whole foods easy on-the-go. Get full, get nutrients, and be happy 🙂