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Beef & Chicken | Small

This beef & Omega-3 chicken box is a great way to start of your nutrient dense eating strategy. With this box, there’s no need to take that multivitamin everyday, get it straight from nature with our quality nose to tail, nutrient dense meat products.


1 lbs Primal Ground Beef
2 lbs Primal Lite Ground Beef
2 lbs 50/50 Ground Beef
1 lbs Ground Beef 78%
2.7 lbs Small Whole Omega-3 Chicken
1 lbs Beef Brats
1 lbs Beef T-bone steak


Here's a bit more about some of the items:
NOTE: We can’t guarantee all items in the box will be exactly as listed. We are not a feedlot and don’t have unlimited supply of all cuts! You are guaranteed to get the full value of the box, so don’t worry!


Primal Ground Beef

This is our grass-fed lean ground beef with 30% organ meats mixed in. This includes liver, heart, spleen, and kidney.


Primal Lite Ground Beef

This is our grass-fed ground beef (85% lean, 15% fat) with 5% organ meats mixed in. This includes liver, heart, kidney, and spleen.


Beef Brats (uncooked)

Nose to tail sausage with all the bits and pieces. Cook it up fresh!


50/50 Ground Beef

Ground beef with 50% nutritious grass-fed fat. Perfect for those who need a greater amount of quality fats in their diet. This ratio is unique and seldomly found anywhere else.


78% Ground Beef

Ground beef with 22% fat. This is actually still high fat when it comes to calories! This comes to a ratio of 43% protein to 57% fat by calories.



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Beef & Chicken | Small

  • All of our meat is 100% grass-fed, grass-finished, all natural, no sugar added, no added hormones, never fed antibiotics, non-GMO, gluten-free, optimized for omega-6 to omega-3 ratios below 2:1, free-range, cage-free, and raised with love.