NOTE: We might not always have product in stock. We are not a feedlot and don’t have a continuous supply of all cuts. We do things with care, and this takes time. Please bear with us as we grow our operation. If we are out of something let us know if you’d like to wait until the product is in stock or we can check with you for a suitable replacement.


We usually wait to ship orders that take more than a few days to ship (East and West coast, etc.) on Monday or Tuesday. If you order Tuesday or Friday please understand they won’t be packed and shipped until Monday. This is to ensure it gets to you with no delay or interruptions due to the weekend.


Minimum order is 10 lbs. We offer FREE shipping to the continental US on orders over 20 lbs. Boxes under 20 lbs. have a very reasonable $15

for shipping and handling fee. This is due to the labor intensive and costly specialty insulation and cooling system we use to make sure your meat arrives fresh.

We are responsible for the meat arriving in safe condition. Our shipping methods have been designed and tested to ensure that your meat order arrives in excellent condition. Usually the meat arrives frozen solid. Rarely, but it happens, the meat may be starting to thaw. Starting to thaw is much, much colder than a refrigerator. If a shipment is delayed and the meat has thawed you will want to check it. The best method for doing that is to put a digital meat cooking thermometer in between two meat packs that you press together. To be safe, the temperature of the meat must be less than 50°F. That is about the same temperature as meat will be that you bring home from a grocery store. If a meat shipment is lost, delayed, or misdirected in route by the shipper and ends up spoiled on arrival we pick up the tab!  So the shipping method is just as important for us as it is for you.

Our shipping boxes are heavily insulated with sufficient coolant to keep the meat frozen many hours longer than the expected delivery. Even with unexpected shipping delays and even if some meat packs have mostly thawed, they will probably be as cold or colder than the meat in your home refrigerator. According to the USDA, “safe” temperature for storing refrigerated meat is 40°F (although we prefer 36°F for the refrigerator). All of our meat products are held and shipped at a temperature of minus ten degrees Fahrenheit (-10°F). For the entire trip the contents are much colder than when the box is opened upon arrival. In nearly all cases, our meats arrive frozen hard-as-a-rock, hence they are much colder than 26°F. 



During the hottest summer days, some meat packages shipped to 4-Day Ground destinations may experience some partial thawing. These slightly-thawed packages may not feel ice-cold to the touch because of the plastic wrapping.  Also, since the freezing temperature of meat is 26°F, if the temperature of the package on its surface has reached 29°F the pack feels a little soft even though it’s still probably frozen solid on the inside. The best way to take the temperature is to insert a digital meat thermometer in between two meat packages squeezed together. Meat that arrives cold and just slightly thawed is still very safe for human consumption and can be refrozen with little if any negative impact on its quality. Comparatively speaking, meat from a grocery store is only cool at best by the time one gets it home. Yet nobody questions if it is still safe to eat. Our meats always arrive much colder. But if even the remotest possibility of thawed meat concerns you, we suggest you order in larger quantities because larger orders travel much better than small orders and include discounts/no handling fees.

Events like severe weather, heavy holiday shipping volume, and accidents may cause transit delays. These situations are out of our control. This is why our packaging is designed to handle delays of over 48 hours of transit time. Because delays are possible during holidays and bad weather, customers are advised to place orders during these times at least a day earlier than normal.

It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure someone will be at the shipping address to receive the package or that the shipping address is safe enough for a package to be left. FedEx will not leave packages at multi-dwelling buildings with a shared entrance. FedEx will not leave packages in areas that they deem unsafe.  In most cases, FedEx will attempt to redeliver packages for a second day. If multiple delivery attempts fail, then the recipient will have to retrieve the package from the local FedEx location. We do not ask for signatures on deliveries therefore the shipper is supposed to always leave the package. The shipment is designed to either sit on his truck or on your porch.



You may request faster delivery than our normal schedule for your meat shipment for an additional charge.  Please contact us at if you’d like to arrange this.

We only ship to the United States. We are looking to expand to Canada soon so please stay tuned. For more information please mail us at 



We have 2 completely separate shipping facilities. Our fresh meat ships from our ranch in Texas and everything else ships from our facility in North Carolina.

The exception to this is our seasoning blends. These can be added onto fresh meat boxes with no extra shipping cost because they are supplied out of both shipping locations.

Otherwise, we need to ship separately and there are 2 different fees and shipping times. You can get free shipping on either or both of your orders if the fresh meat is over 20 lbs and the other products are over $60.

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